A brief trip to Tudor times

This weekend I had a stall at a couple of markets - but the one on Sunday has to be one of the most fun and bizarre! Kett’s fun day in Wymondham. I was invited along as I’m no stranger to drawing birds of pray, crows and rats! Very fitting for Tudor times. My stall was surrounded by people in costume, fire eaters, horses trotting around, the occasional bit of cannon fire, and a speech (on horseback) from Kett himself, encouraging the local peasants to mark onto Norwich to revolt. Oh, and I drew a goat. Great fun!

To The Lighthouse!

We are going to be hosting and afternoon Open Out at the Lighthouse on May 27

An afternoon event where you can talk to the artists Rebecca Thomas and Rachel Collier-Wilson. Both graduates from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 1990, recently re-connected after 30 years following a chance meeting in a Norwich pub.

There will wine, fun finger food, plenty of chat and an opportunity to purchase original art and prints.

This will be an opportunity to chat about their art practices, ask questions about the printing processes, in a relaxed studio space.

About the artists:

Rebecca is an artist and academic. Her work is concerned with the ‘senses of self’: the fluidity, flow, and drift of identity and selfhood; and with the body’s relationship to nature – the sea, the landscape, the animal world. Her paintings, prints explore the body’s connection to these substantial, if somewhat ungraspable, elements.

Rachel is an artist who makes drawings and prints, she has continued to practice art since her BA Fine Arts, Printmaking from Central Saint Martins School of Art, London. She loves to explore with line using pencil, ink and carving a lino-block. She regularly attend life drawing sessions, a discipline which helps with observations of anything drawn. Diverse in life and creativity, one day drawing, or creating a print, or sewing something, the line is always consistent.


Feeling Crabby for the New Year!

Well - I have moved to Norwich from North Derbyshire - one of the reasons was to be nearer the coast. I’m always influenced by my surroundings, so what better way to start this new chapter in my creative journey…than drawing seaside critters!

Seals - it’s cub season, loved a Boxing Day trip to the coast to see the seals and their cubs. Fairly ‘fragrant’ creatures, but proved to be excellent muses!

Birds - always love to draw birds, always like to ask which birds to draw via social media, cormorants and lapwings came up. The lapwing was a challenge - such beautiful colours, I’m a monotone fan at heart, but think I did an OK job.

Crabby crabs! I loved the sketchyness of drawing the legs and playing with bright orange. Think I may make some more images of crabs using my sketches as a foundation!

See the Seagull

I loved my seagull drawing, I really liked the use of the background cross hatching to make the white body of the gull. The pose and composition I thought would work well as a linocut. Using the plasticy kind of lino, (not my favourite to work with) it has the advantage of picking up a shadow of pencil drawings - making the transfer of the image very accurate - and the resulting print comes out the same way as the original drawing. This satisfies me! I printed in a dark colour  - just to establish if there were any lines to refine. Then onto think of the colour. The pale green/blue I've chosen will represent the darker feathers, once printed  - I'll cut away the image and print with black (maybe dark grey) for the background. One of the exciting things about printmaking, is never being sure of the resulting image. 


#Sketchtember is coming!

Last year I loved the challenge of #Sketchtember - to make a drawing every day. I'm going to try to repeat this - hopefully with a bird sketch each day...we will see! 



Sheffield Printmakers at the Art House, Sheffield 2017

This is the second year I've been involved with the exhibition, we love showing at the Art House - hopefully this is the venue for the annual Sheffield Printmakers show!

I've really enjoyed making my pieces, inspired by requests from friends and a little dog called Ruby. And yes - I do believe in unicorns!

Sheffield Printmakers at the Art House 2017

Some square prints for this exhibition!

Some square prints for this exhibition!

Printed Impressions at St Maire's Cathedral, Sheffield

St Marie’s Cathedral has worked in partnership with the Sheffield Printmakers Association to present a unique group exhibition that features a selection of artworks created by thirteen talented printmakers.
The exhibition brings together a wide range of innovative styles and printing techniques, from woodcut to drypoint, all the way through to linocut and collagraph.
Artists have sought inspiration in the exquisite architecture, art and design of St Marie’s Cathedral after taking part in specially tailored guided tours. These printmakers have undeniably succeeded in capturing and conveying the beauty and the many subtleties of this place of worship in surprising ways. St Marie’s evocative light, rich colours, silent and devotional space, transparency of the glass, intricate patterns or expressive textures are definitely present in these pieces.
Some artworks have easily recognisable features, while others show more abstract elements. However, as one would expect, all of them are incredibly personal and subjective, which makes them equally fascinating, beautiful and inspiring.


St Peter at the gate and Mother and Child, two colour woodcuts. May 2017

St Peter at the gate and Mother and Child, two colour woodcuts. May 2017

Printed Impressions Flyer

Perception at the Cupola Gallery


selected mixed group show

18th March - 29th April
Preview Friday 17th March, 7:30pm

I often get mis-gendered due to the perception that clothing should reflect one's gender; I'm a woman who likes to wear men's clothes. In the pieces I submitted for this show the female form is described using free machine embroidery and incorporated with one of my own (men's) shirts in. The use of the coat hanger refers to being 'out of the closet.' I am 'showing my hand.' in these pieces